Gold Medal Centre

Referencing the colours and familiar materials of boat sheds - rope, honey coloured wood and salty stainless steel fittings was the inspiration behind the built works to accommodate the National Training Centre of Excellence for the Australian Sailing Team at Middle Harbour Yacht Club (MHYC).


Part of the existing boat sheds at MHYC in Sydney were transformed into a palette of well crafted, beautiful honey coloured plywood clad sheds, stainless steel fixings, shackles, cabinets and storage boxes and rooms to accommodate and reflect the high standrads set by the Australian  Sailing High Performance Team. The use of ply sheeting and other components in the built works formed the basis for sustainable and renewable materials, which can be dismantled and reused as future demands dictate within a sporting venue for sailors.


This project demonstrates the successful combination of needs for practical, safe and highly sensitive and secure housing of a team of motivated and successful Australians.

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